The Truth about Becoming Addicted booklet is a compact yet very informative publication designed to open your eyes to the many facets of addiction. Many people are unaware of the actual root causes of addiction and therefore cannot begin to confidently choose a rehabilitative/recovery solution and more often than not end up choosing the wrong modality or type program only to suffer the agonizing costly cycle of relapse once again.

We have made the Truth About Becoming Addicted free for anyone who desires it. We feel strongly about educating those suffering with true unbiased facts and verifiable symptoms and their causes so that the person addicted or those who love them can finally understand where the devastation comes. Thousands have discovered how simple yet powerful the Truth About Becoming Addicted can be. Don’t wait any longer. Get your copy free of charges and start getting back the life you deserve.

Truth About Becoming Addicted Booklet helped me understand my problem and get the real help I needed.

Jane H.

Getting real facts about addiction is the most important tool in beating drug and alcohol addiction.  This book saved my life.

Bill S.

My son had a problem and I didn’t understand it.  After reading this I was able to help him better.  Thank you for sharing this information

Betty J.